Snow Removal

Glacier Snow excels in commercial snow removal utilizing floating edges that provide cleaner lots.

  • GPS Tracking system
  • 24/7 service
  • Weather updating technology
  • Quality control through pre-site inspections
  • Managerial post lot inspections

Snow Hauling

Need the snow removed from your site, we've got that covered at Glacier Snow Management.

  • Snow buckets or Snow Blower available
  • 4:1 snow compaction (less loads using blower)
  • Own dump sites available

Anti-icing/Deicing Management

From Schmidt parking lot salters to liquid non-cloride on sidewalks we have specialized in all aspect of ice control.

  • Liquids and treated salts are sand
  • We appropriate highest technology in salters available
  • Exact rate for exact temperature
  • Non-Chlorides are used for all sidewalks and new concrete